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“I’ve felt that dissatisfaction is the basis of progress.
When we become satisfied in business we become obsolete.”
- J. Willard Marriott, Sr.

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Quadrant Analysis

What is Quadrant Analysis?

Quadrant analysis is a simple way to organize customer satisfaction data into a story that will tell you how and where to improve your business operations. Quadrant analysis prioritizes your activities and transforms dry data into a diagnostic tool.

How does it work?
Quadrant analysis plots all activities of an organization by their customer ratings of importance and performance. The plot is divided into four quadrants: low relative importance/low relative performance, low relative importance/high relative performance, high relative importance/high relative performance, high relative importance/low relative performance.
This last quadrant (high relative importance/low relative performance) is the “opportunity quadrant.” These “opportunity quadrants” are the areas where you stand to gain the most from improvements.

Identifying the areas that are important to your customers yet not well executed by your organization means you know.

  • Where to spend and save time and money
  • Priority areas where a performance improvement will have the most impact on overall performance
  • Customer feedback is represented management decisions.

Quadrant analysis is an example of how analyses provided by
People First Technology helps make teams work.

The right questions will give you the answers you need to track performance on customer-defined priorities. The answers will help you respond to new opportunities and address current challenges...quickly and cost effectively.
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