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people first revolutionises work by applying cutting-edge human-centred technology and AI to a new alliance between employer and employee, enabling enjoyable, sustainable, high performance, from people that spend more time in the flow.

Find out why the world’s first open people platform is something you need in your life! Click play and together we’ll make work, actually work. Let’s. start. now.

Our Platform

our platform:

people first is the world’s first open people platform – a global HR and employee environment supported by an ecosystem of best-in-class partner and people first technology apps.

achieve. like. crazy.

Our Partners

our partners:

A solid bunch of technical and sales geniuses. Want to be one? Let’s do this.
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Let’s. do. this.

Our Passion

our passion:

Off the chart. HR Tech World 2017 in Amsterdam saw the global launch of people first and we got a great reception from prospective partners, buyers and leading HR visionaries…