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Are you ready to replace annual appraisals with online check-ins?

Hands up…who truly benefits from the traditional annual appraisal? Is it still valuable in today’s world of work?

Only a tiny percentage of HR leaders feel performance reviews are effective, and many progressive companies are now replacing annual appraisals with real-time feedback and check-ins – a respectful meeting, where each party evaluates how they are performing in a way that suits people.

In the last two weeks I’ve attended two amazing conferences; HR Tech World in Amsterdam and the MCA Conference in Nottingham.  During both events, I’ve had the pleasure of discussing check-ins with potential partners and customers.  And whether I’ve been talking about iTrent or people first, I get asked the same question…..

So do I just start using check-ins or do I need to do something first?

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Andy Davies

Andy Davies is the Head of people first Implementations and is responsible for developing the implementation strategy and delivering first class mentoring to Partners to help monetize their investment.

people first revolutionizes work by applying cutting-edge human centered technology and AI to a new alliance between employer and employee – to enable enjoyable, sustainable, high performance from people that spend more time in the flow at work. (

It is the world’s first Open People Platform and the people first team is responsible for taking it to market.

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