work. doesn’t. work.

  • Engagement with work is dropping on a daily basis
  • The relationship between people and their work is breaking up.
  • People will progressively move towards a future of work that supports enjoyable, sustainable, high performance.

Our ethos

people first aims to give partners and customers an open, connected and frictionless way of working.

Built on open Microsoft Azure PAS technology for easy integration with other systems, people first open technology that puts people first and is designed to support a new open way of working based on the people first contract

Our open people platform invites partners to build complimentary solutions for the people first community.

Our technology

people first from MHR International offers the best of other HR solutions along with human-centred tools that support enjoyable, sustainable and high performance from a satisfied workforce.

in. the. flow.

Being ‘in the flow’ – the experience of intense concentration, where nothing else matters, there is no attention for anything outside of the zone, where we lose ourselves and time flies by.
The amount of time we spend in the flow correlates with how energised we feel at the end of the day.

With infused features like graphical representation of team flow and augmented check-ins, people first supports smart management and communication with employees, enabling everyone to be ‘in the zone’ as often as possible for maximum performance and engagement.

Other O. M. Genius features include automatic job crafting, infused AI, digital personal assistants for all employees, pragmatic people analytics and augmented check ins.
The results? Happier, high performing people and healthier productivity.

get. in. touch.

people first is currently being used by a handful of early adopters. If you would like to learn more