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Welcome to a completely new way of working

Are you ‘making do’ with paper-based processes and spreadsheets to manage your people? Well now there is a completely new Cloud HR Software system that can take your business to the next level.

Introducing people first, HR Software for the future

Quick to set up and start using, people first combines HR, recruitment and learning functionality along with our magic ingredient “flow” to keep your people at their most productive and happy while taking your business to the next level.

people first allows you to think progressively while having a firm handle on absence, approvals, catch-ups, headcount and automation.

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HR software for the future

Embracing human-centred technology people first creates an open and productive relationship between the employee and the employer, and between the employee and their work.

people first is very different to any other HR or engagement software out there right now. It combines all the HR functionality you need with artificial intelligence, check-ins and digital personal assistants to help you and your people be more productive and engaged.

Free 14 day trial

people first can help you take back control of your business, take our free 14 day trial to see how.


Real business benefits

Grow without increasing your headcount

Help people in your business to improve productivity, happiness and engagement at the same time through increased efficiency, autonomy and supportive technology.

Invest for the future

people first evolves and scales with your business using cutting-edge technology and progressive ways of working.

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Reduce administration time

With basic tasks such as absence and holiday requests automated and employees taking control of their own administration you’ll have more time to focus on your business.

Improve employee engagement and productivity

Not only does people first help employees to stay at their most productive by giving them the tools they need to protect their time, it allows them to work collaboratively, increasing engagement and keeping them in the flow. You can also publicly recognise achievements, which is a great way of showing how important your people are to your business.

Begin your journey

Spending too much time on HR admin? Want to make it easy for employees to book holidays? Take a free 14-day trial of people first and see how we can save you time and money.


Better every day

A full HR system

People first contains all the functionality you need to manage your people, including visual organisation charts, working patterns, benefits management, leave processing and pragmatic people analytics.


people first automates basic tasks such as absence and holiday requests. While our a personal digital assistant, provides a simple way to book holidays and log absence, gives quick and easy approvals, allows check-in scheduling and daily checks on wellbeing and happiness, saving you and your employees time and hassle.

Data to help your business

With people first you will have full visibility of what your employees are doing and thinking, right down to who is in and who is out of the business, so that you never lose sight of how your business is operating.

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Stay in the flow

Our personal digital assistant doesn’t just automate tasks, it also acts as a gatekeeper to help your employees be at their most productive and stay in the flow, with features such as email screening to help them do just that.

Attract and retain the best candidates

Automated recruitment means that your application and on boarding processes will be as smooth as silk, helping you to win that war on talent.

Talent check-ins

Annual performance appraisals are a thing of the past with people first. Our easy to use software, plus manager guidance, will help you make the leap to regular talent check-ins, a great way of making sure your employees are consistently on track with company goals, engaged and above all happy!

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