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Page Kirk: A ‘people first’ progressive accountancy firm in the UK

An article published in Accountancy Age earlier this year entitled ‘The rise of the progressive accountant’ discussed the increasing number of accountants taking a more progressive approach to looking after clients. Naturally, “shaking off (their) established way of doing things” involves a new approach to technology.

people first have been delighted to work with UK-based accountancy firm, Page Kirk. As an early adopter of our AI-infused people technology, Page Kirk were keen to move from the old world of work to embrace the future of work, replacing paper based processes and spreadsheet, formatting data in to more usable outputs and placing renewed focus on personalisation, recruitment, and their people.

people first may be the most exciting technology to hit the world of work in decades, but the open people platform still comes with all the fundamentals you would expect, all of which Page Kirk now have access to. Features like visual organisation charts, working patterns, benefits management, leave processing and pragmatic people analytics help businesses do the same people-based management stuff they have always done, but now the whole thing is much easier.

We are happy to report that Page Kirk are enjoying the benefits delivered by people first so far, which have outstripped their initial ambitions for the system.

let’s. get. social.

people first allows Page Kirk employees to share news and successes within the system, enhancing social interactions and general communications within the firm. Groups and company news have been set up to make the people first login page more interactive for users – an engaging experience all round.

pull. in. talent.

Recruitment processes and information are easily accessible and all information is centralised, allowing for successful recruitment campaigns that attract the best talent. Page Kirk are particularly delighted by the use of social media apps as part of recruitment campaigns for their appeal to the graduate demographic

love. your. data.

people first has opened up access to people’s own data (including vehicle data), removing spreadsheets

and paper records and placing more ownership of employees’ data on to the employees themselves. Even sickness can now be recorded by employees, managers or HR – so data is always on point.

let’s. check. in.

Check-ins are a meeting where each party (the employee and the employer) evaluates the progress of their relationship. Some technology solutions offer a more flexible approach to appraisals, but people first has taken the support of managers and employees during a check-in process to a whole new level – it asks for talking points, prepares and runs the meeting, helps make new tasks on-the-fly and then checks both parties are satisfied with the outcomes. Augmented check-ins lay the foundations for increased employee engagement, whilst assuring compliance in the storage of meeting details. These are no available for Page Kirk to use and improve their appraisal process.

hit. the. beach.

Holiday bookings have been centralised and are now supported by a fast and transparent online approval process.

Many other people first benefits have been realised by Page Kirk, including storage of CPD records and integration with payroll (a future development for Page Kirk). However, these are just the tip of the iceberg. Future plans include full documented use of check-ins for all one-to-one meetings, ability to book learning courses and protect their investment should an employee leave, and API integration with Sage payroll.

Beyond that, people first is Page Kirk’s oyster. There is nothing to stop the use of digital personal assistants for all employees, pragmatic people analytics and job crafting to keep their people in the flow, all of which are a fundamental and included part of the people first system.

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