We’re on a journey. Are you ready for the next step?

From small app developers to large, established businesses…

The people first Open People Platform is all yours. And it’s ready for the taking: right now.

This is your opportunity to help us shake things up, start or expand your business, and give the HCM market solutions that make people, teams and businesses more effective and competitive.

Ready to explore our partner options?

The open people platform is all yours. And it’s ready for the taking: right now.

Let’s disrupt the world of HCM together.

Let’s put people at the forefront of what we do, celebrate them and help them celebrate what they can achieve together.

how can you partner?

The people first open people platform is designed to challenge the world of HCM and change the way that people, teams, businesses and partners work.

As a partner, it’s your opportunity to offer something completely different. With ‘open’ connectivity to existing solutions, the ability to resell the unique people first platform and an opportunity to build a lucrative product and/or services business, using people first technology builder tools and the people first marketplace.

Partners can be any size, from one-man software developers looking to build apps to sell on the people first marketplace, to large established businesses.

open partner

Open Partner

connect 3rd party solutions to people first and consume

  • Make 80% on APl-based revenue, 100% on associated services
  • Enjoy access to the fully-documented API library and the marketplace
  • Invest in API resources and pay for API usage

people partner

People Partner

deliver and support people first customers

  • Make 100% on service and support revenue, 20% on resell revenue
  • Enjoy access to the marketplace to market and sell services
  • Invest in people first implementation skills

platform partner

Platform Partner

build people first solutions

  • Make 80% on own product revenue, 20% on resell revenue
  • Enjoy access to the development platform and the marketplace to build, market and sell products
  • Invest in people first technical skills