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people first partners: 3 reasons Traifity rock!

Here at people first we are absolutely dedicated and in awe of our quickly growing partner network.  It is super exciting to work in such a democratized way in a market so traditionally fraught with Monopolization, such as is the case with the current “Human Capital Management” market.

There are some big consolidators sitting like big brothers in this space, dominating and seemingly controlling the movement of the herd.  This often leads to slow innovations and responses to the requirements of the customers and more importantly to the people (employees) that this market serves.  While this has worked for a time we are starting to see generation after generation entering the world of work and rapidly requiring shifts in mindset to honor their technical knowhow and abilities and the way that they want to be engaged and work.

So we at people first took it upon ourselves to work in a way that led with a “let’s do the right thing by our customers” approach from the get go.  We know profits will take care of themselves if we focus on the people.  At the very foundation of everything we do is a platform that is truly open to easy connectivity with other systems and more importantly to supporting a flow of data between systems.  What this means for our customers is they can quickly and easily build “best in class” system infrastructure that truly supports them (and their people) today and in whatever their future looks like.

We work this way in our personal lives so we should work this way in our professional lives!  In fact, we should have the freedom to be more innovative and responsive as, not only does our own flow depend on it, but our market competitiveness and customer satisfaction does as well.

So with that in mind, we are building a partner ecosystem that reflects a similar mindset. We are working with businesses that apply have a foundation and embedded culture which is all about the people.  Partners that put their people at the front of everything they do, that love their people, and that are true partners.

What’s a true partner? 

Well partnership is all about equality and collaboration.  Humans have always been far more innovative and generally exciting when working together so we are building partnerships with companies that believe this too.  As well as those who build products, offer services and even sell in a way that does away with the traditional protect profit mindset and looks ahead at a world of work built on exceptional service, relationships, integrity and above all a willingness to go beyond what is considered “normal”.

And when we met Traitify we knew we had found another partner which just that kind of pulse.  So this is the first of many blogs/articles to come where we get to tell the world why we love these partners.  What we see them bring to our ecosystem and how we intend to work together.

So who are Traitify?

Well Traifity not only have a super cute founding story via awkward blind date but their tools allow businesses of any size to attract, hire, grow and retain better candidates using their patented image-based personality assessment (deployed via a SaaS model or simple API integration). They are quickly growing as a very exciting and popular player in their space because their personality science delivers much more than traditional assessments can.

In short, Traitify provides a window in to what you and the people around you at work are like.









What do we intend to do together?

people first as a company and platform are never going to pretend we do it all.  So in the first instance we are going to open our API doorstop Traifity and build a connector that allows our customers to utilize their awesome product in total harmony with our awesome product.  In that way building an environment that allows people to understand who they have on their roster and then support them to their fullest to enable them to be the amazing individuals they can be while at work…looking ahead, with the commitment Traitify have to developing cool stuff who knows where we will end up but we have our starting block.

What do we love about Traitify?

  1. Sexy and Sofisticated Science – Traifity make no bones about it – they make assessments super easy and actually fun to complete. At only 90 seconds to complete their pictorially focused assessment, they currently boast a >94% completion rate so customers actually get a return on their investment.  But as with anything these days there is an art in making the science behind the scenes simple and easy to use.  These guys are renaissance artists when it comes to that!  Having completed this ourselves we were all surprised at how accurate and actually supportive the results were, and so when all of this is packaged up and in the words of Josh Spears one of the co-founders it is a “simple to use product with some very sophisticated science”.
  2. Scalability – There is noting more important these days in the software world than consumption. While it is generally ok and acceptable to build niche products that serve a specific cross-section of society, we at people first believe that if you are going to build tools to support the people, then all people need to be able to access and use it.  This is one thing that Traitify do very well.  Their product is built in such a way that it doesn’t even flinch whether it’s embedded in a tiny 10 person business or a Goliathic 100,000 person organization.  With the majority of our partners we want people to have a consistent experience.  Yes there will always be a time and place in a company’s journey for specific tools. If a customer can invest in something early and then that product can ride through the storms with them for the long haul then they get to build trust and understanding in a way that supports reliability.  We have built our traditional reputation as MHR International on reliability, and Traitify are here to support in just the same way…for the long haul.
  3. Sensible Simplicity – Building software these days has to accommodate the plague of immediacy (typically short attention spans!) and Traitify do this exceptionally well.  Their assessment is based around responses to pictures and answering the question “Me or Not Me”.  Simple!  The assessment as mentioned takes around 90 seconds, is very swipe based and the results pop up instantly.  It’s so simple you don’t even feel like you have been assessed but then all of a sudden you have a very accurate and fun analysis of who you are, why you are like this, and how you might fit in to certain organizations and roles.  Super helpful for anyone at any stage of their career or work journey.  Consumption and use is guaranteed if it makes sense and people can relate to the content.  For me it was very Tinder-esque, which is embarrassing to admit, but I got it without instruction and it’s slight gamification kept me answering until the end.

If you would like to sign up for a free trial of Traitify, click here!








The Verdict

We didn’t hesitate in getting Traitify signed up into our partner eco-system. From the moment we stepped foot in their hipster downtown Baltimore office and had the first chat in their boardroom with Dan and Josh, we knew we had met some likeminded folks that just wanted to make things great again.  We knew we would have no issues integrating our technologies and ways of working to be the best combination in assessment and engagement that we could be.

These guys are well worth checking out. Link-In with Dan and Josh, and kick start your conversation today…find out what their science says about you and the people around you at work.  Who knows what you might discover. Try it now.

Drop us a line if you want to know more about how you too can become part of our partner network (if you feel as passionately as we do about making the tools to support people at work amazing), or if you are interested in using these tools to support the people you work with.

in. the. flow.

Phil Sargeant