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people first’s Top 5 Future of Work Articles

Nowadays it seems companies are spending increasing amounts on HR technologies and engagement tools, yet employee engagement, productivity and overall satisfaction are all decreasing. Right now work just isn’t working for a number of reasons.

people first revolutionises work. And with this as our mission, we spend a great deal of time involved in discussions around HR and the future of work.

Here are our top 5 most popular blog articles to date:

1) Six Steps to Fix Work

Our inaugural blog, within which Juliet Hailstone sets out the six ways in which people first helps businesses to address their challenges in the future of work.

2) AI in the World of Work

Artificial Intelligence is an increasingly insistent force in the world of work. But whilst automation and robots are a cracking addition to HR Technology, Mark Williams asks, what do we really need to think about when we’re talking about AI in the world of work?

3) Are you ready to replace annual appraisals with online check-ins?

Only a tiny percentage of HR leaders feel performance reviews are effective, and many progressive companies are now replacing annual appraisals with real-time feedback and check-ins – a respectful meeting, where each party evaluates how they are performing in a way that suits people. Andy Davies sets out what is needed to assess whether or not your organisation is ready to progress from annual appraisals.

4) focus. and. thrive.

Following the HR Tech World Conference in Amsterdam, Juliet Hailstone was energised by the synergy between people first and much of the keynote content. Most notably, people first Focus Mode and Huffington’s Thrive Mode (a Samsung App). Where Focus Mode within the people first app allows you to protect your precious ‘flow time’ at work to deliver optimal productivity and job satisfaction, Thrive Mode protects your precious family time.

5) The freedom to be whole: All are engaged in the Freedom of Work

Part of a series from Jeremy Scrivens – Director at the Emotional Economy at Work. He is a ‘Work Futurist & Collaboration & Innovation Catalyst’ and we love talking to him and working with him! In this blog, Jeremy states that, in the future of work, creativity will become the edge…

We can’t wait to share more thoughts and ideas with you over the next few months!