Achieve Like Crazy

people first is the world’s first Open People Platform, applying human-centred technology and AI to nurture a new alliance between employer and employee.

It is specifically designed to ensure employees are absorbed by and enjoy their work to deliver sustainable high performance – that they are in the flow.

Available to purchase through our partner network, people first is a global HR and employee environment supported by an ecosystem of best-in-class partner and people first technology apps.


  • Chatbot personal assistant – for simple life admin and daily briefings.
  • Automatic job crafting – automatically sculpt job tasks and expectations to get the best performance from employees.
  • Pragmatic people analytics – draw on the most useful sources of information you have to make the best people decisions.
  • Augmented check-ins – check that the employer and employee alliance is on track.

In. The. Flow

  • Supports the employer/employee alliance – predictive analytics, augmented check-ins, a personal assistant Chatbot…all of these latest technologies and more.
  • Social technology – sociable and engaging interactions in the world of work, with features such as social news sharing that allows employees to share and discuss articles and other information with colleagues.
  • Open technology – access to a world of applications built using people first technology that connect together to create a perfect people solution, supported by an open API library.
  • Flow-based technology – technology specifically designed to ensure employees are absorbed by and enjoy their work to deliver sustainable high performance.

Your People First

For Business

for business:

people first allows you to rethink the way that you engage with and enhance the productivity of your people.

  • Address the challenges of new cultures, behaviours and ways of working.
  • Align business goals, trends and patterns to achieve. like. crazy.

For Managers

for managers:

people first is the route to a new way of working centred around communication, engagement and supportive technology that makes life easier.

  • Continually understand and optimise your team performance with real-time analytics.
  • Replace annual appraisals with dynamic check-ins to develop real-life, more relevant relationships.

For Employees

for employees:

people first serves as a friendly personal assistant that makes your day easier and keeps you in the flow.

  • Take the admin load off transactional tasks using people first Chatbot technology.
  • Collaborate with colleagues and manage your career progression against personal and business goals.


And there’s more…

As an open people platform, people first technology allows our network of carefully curated partners to build solutions that complement the people first solution.

Available to buy in the people first marketplace, our partners offer a choice of applications built using people first technology that is ready to connect together to create your perfect solution.

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